Academic Essays

This is just my homework, y'all. Or, at least, the subset of my homework that I like well enough to bother posting.

Classical Literature for Fandom Purposes

This isn't a list of my favorite ancient texts; it's an introduction to the ones that I think might be useful to people who want to bring Greek and Latin literature into their fandom art (fic writers in particular). I'm trying to give you the information you'd need to figure out what ancient texts or parts of ancient texts might inspire you or interest you or resonate with a particular work you have in mind.

An ongoing series of guides to ancient texts, designed for non-specialist fandom writers and artists interested in producing works of classical reception. Originally published on the Archive of Our Own.

Experiments in Trauma Studies

The cumulative effect of trauma on these texts is something like gravity: the sheer mass of it distorts the fabric of the narrative around it, pulling time out of joint.

Just playing around with the theoretical framework of (literary) trauma theory.

The main influences for this series are Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman, Achilles in Vietnam by Jonathan Shay, and Trauma by Lucy Bond and Stef Craps. Originally published on the Archive of Our Own.


Things relating to my Neocities design and coding. The pages for the different site themes I've made appear in the style to which they refer.

All this is based off my own modified version of Zonelots, which is itself based off Zonelets.

Trek and the Classics

In this version of reality, everyone in the whole galaxy reads ancient Greco-Roman lit and is ready to talk about it at a moment's notice bc I say so.

All the ways I've talked about the classics in Star Trek, or made Star Trek about the classics, or drawn wild conclusions about Star Trek and some classical text.